Take something that tastes great - fresh fruit and add a little inspiration - our Chocolate Sauce and very quickly you can create an irresistible snack or's that simple. Our chocolate sauce loves this fruit... Try these serving ideas...
aUse as a dipping sauce for strawberries, berry fruit,
pineapple chunks and bananas
aDrizzle over ice cream, sundaes, banana splits, fruit
kebabs, gateaux, pavlova and cheesecakes
aSpread or drizzle over hotcakes and pancakes
aFold or whip through cream and mascarpone
aMix with icing sugar to create a wonderful frosting for cakes
aMake hot or iced chocolate aPipe onto gateaux or cheese cakes which can be frozen then thawed
aDrizzle over hot or cold desserts
aDrizzle, pipe or spot onto dessert plates